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LFP Cylindrical cell

Product introduction
Product Design Concept

Cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries can effectively reduce the assembly cost of batteries. The battery adopts the process of welding all tabs on the end face, which has the characteristics of small internal resistance, large discharge current, long cycle life, high degree of automation and so on.

Software cell technology

Products have been widely used in two or three wheelers, low-speed cars, forklifts, AGV, solar street lamps, UPS energy storage equipment and other fields.

Super long cycle life.png
Super long cycle life
High current discharge.png
High current discharge
High degree of automation.png
High degree of automation
Small internal resistance (2).png
Small internal resistance
High consistency.png
High energy density
  • Product Model
  • Nominal voltage
  • Nominal capacity
  • Max continuous discharge current
  • Cycle life(times)
  • Measure
  • Download
  • TB-12.5Ah-LFP
  • 3.2V
  • 12.5Ah
  • 25A
  • ≥2000
  • Φ32*140mm
  • TB-15Ah-LFP
  • 3.2V
  • 15Ah
  • 30A
  • ≥2000
  • Φ33*140mm
  • TB-20Ah-LFP
  • 3.2V
  • 20Ah
  • 40A
  • ≥2000
  • Φ40*140mm
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LFP Cylindrical cell

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